Smokeless Tobacco Alternative

As we learn more about the potential dangers and health hazards associated with tobacco products, alternatives are being sought. Even the assumption that smokeless tobacco products, such as snuff, presented a preferable replacement for smoker’s addiction to cigarettes is proving to be unreliable at best. However, since tobacco contains nicotine, an addictive substance, kicking the habit can be problematic. Non-tobacco alternatives, such as herbal snuff and chew are now available, which provide a similar level of satisfaction without the carcinogenic properties of tobacco.

Muscle Memory and Tobacco Use

Those who use tobacco chew or snuff products often experience not only the same chemical dependency that smokers do, but also a similar habitual addiction. While it is absolutely true that smokeless tobacco does not pose the same threat to cardiopulmonary health that the act of smoking does, long-term use can still cause significant oral health and esophageal issues. Because tobacco chew products are in constant and prolonged contact with the oral tissues, and because they often stimulate your salivary glands to produce and release saliva—which is where the digestive process actually begins—the carcinogens in tobacco lead to complications that range from tender gums to oral cancer.

As well, the habit of placing a pinch of chewing tobacco between the gum and lip or cheek creates a physical memory over time. Your body actually becomes accustomed to the sensation of the product’s mass, as well as the ritual of placement. If you’re one who has chosen to attempt to quit using tobacco products, giving up the behaviors as well can add to the difficulty. Herbal tobacco can provide relief both for those who wish to dispense with the habit altogether as well as those who simply wish to employ healthier ways to enjoy themselves. However, not all smokeless herbal alternatives are equal in quality and compatibility of expectations.