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Five Tips for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

Nicotine is known for having an effect on the way a person acts and can adversely affect their health. The addictive nature of nicotine is the reason people crave smokeless tobacco. One of the main differences between smokeless tobacco and cigarettes is the amount of nicotine that enters the body. More nicotine enters the blood stream when using tobacco than cigarettes. This is the main reason it’s so hard to quit smokeless tobacco. While it is difficult to give up the habit, it is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you eliminate your reliance on smokeless tobacco.

Write Down the Reasons for Quitting

Staying motivated is one of the more difficult parts of quitting. Write a list of every positive reason to quit and write down the reasons using smokeless tobacco is harmful to your health. Keep these lists in an easily accessible place and look at them whenever an urge arises.

Find a Replacement Activity

Finding a substitute for smokeless tobacco will increase the odds of successfully quitting. Many people that chew tobacco do so during bouts of boredom. When this occurs, find an activity to stay occupied, like exercising. It is also easier to quit if smokeless tobacco is replaced with an oral substitute like eating hard candy or chewing gum. Do not replace the tobacco with something that is equally, or more, harmful.

Get Support

Realize you are not alone. Get help from friends, family members and a doctor. If you know someone who is also trying to quit, try to do it together. People trying to overcome an addictive habit often find it easier to be successful when they have a support system.

Set Goals

Letting go of any longstanding habit is hard. Letting go of an addictive habit is harder. Set a date to quit and try to meet that goal. Realistically, the date should be set for two to four weeks in the future. To adhere to the goal, it is a good idea to recognize when you crave tobacco the most and try to plan substitutes and other ways to resist the urge during a craving.

Try Herbal Alternatives

Storymen’s is a great smokeless tobacco alternative. It mimics the actions and feel of tobacco without the harmful side effects. There are different types of herbal snuff. Herbal snuff allows users to enjoy the oral habit while using products that contain no tobacco and nicotine, or contain tobacco without the nicotine.

Quitting is hard, but not impossible. It is important to remember that is takes more effort to quit using smokeless tobacco than it was to start. If you follow these tips you are more likely to succeed and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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