Warrning Tobacco is dangerous

Five Health Dangers Related to Chewing Tobacco

Many people believe that chewing tobacco is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, but that’s simply not the case. The truth is that chewing tobacco puts your health in danger in a variety of ways. Some of these dangers become apparent to you right away, while other health risks slowly come to light over time. Consider these five health dangers related to chewing tobacco.1. AddictionIt won’t take you long to experience the symptoms of addiction. Smokeless tobacco still contains nicotine, which can cause powerful addictions in many people. If you do decide to quit, you’ll experience depression, nervousness, and anxiety. That’s why it’s better to avoid chewing tobacco before you even get started. It can be a very difficult habit to break.

2. Tooth Decay

Chewing tobacco contains sugar that gives it a sweeter flavor. These sugars come into contact with your teeth and cause bacteria to eat the sugar. Chewing tobacco also contains materials that cause your gums and teeth to erode. Once the enamel wears off, your teeth are much more susceptible to cavities. No amount of brushing and flossing can help your mouth if you chew tobacco regularly.

3. Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the number one killer in America. Chewing tobacco over an extended period of time increases your chances of getting certain types of heart disease. Tobacco raises your blood pressure and your heart rate, which forces your heart to work harder than normal. Although exercise can help, you should still quit chewing tobacco for the sake of heart health.

4. Cancer

Cancer is also one of the most deadly illnesses in our world today, and chewing tobacco increases your risks for many types of cancer. Chewing tobacco contains many of the same chemicals found in cigarettes, and these chemicals take a toll on your body’s ability to fight off cancer. Typical forms of cancer resulting from chewing tobacco are throat, cheek, lip, gum, and pancreatic cancer.

5. Tooth Loss

Severe gum disease is a major health danger of chewing tobacco. The gums can eventually pull away from the teeth and cause them to loosen or even fall out completely. Many people who chewed tobacco for years lost some of their teeth due to their habit. The teeth also rot faster and develop other issues related to dental health.

As you can see, chewing tobacco is anything but harmless. Most people who chew it for a long time will experience some if not all of these drawbacks eventually. The risks aren’t worth the rewards when it comes to chewing tobacco.

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