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More Information on Storymen’s Herbal Snuff

Our herbal snuff is a combination of real mint leaves and natural food safe flavorings. We do our best to deliver a fresh and healthy alternative to smokeless tobacco that does not contain thousands of carcinogens. Storymen's is comparable to the normal burn and texture of traditional snuff making it easy to switch. Better yet, you go about your day as normal.   Storymen's herbal snuff also freshens breath naturally, so say goodbye to the days of tobacco breath. For the health conscious and diabetics, our herbal blend is sugar free and gluten free. There are also no added artificial sweeteners. Give Storymen's herbal snuff a try today and kick the can for good!   When nicotine gum and the nicotine patch were invented, millions of people all over the world who wanted to quit smoking finally had a way to do it. However, those who chew tobacco and have a desire to quit have not had many options to choose from. There are herbal snuff products available, but most of them leave much to be desired. They just don’t satisfy those intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The only other option would be to quit cold turkey, but this is very hard to do. The solution is to find a high quality, herbal snuff that delivers a comparable sense of satisfaction without all the dangers associated with tobacco.

Storymen's Herbal Snuff Reviews

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Best chew on the block. I really liked the flavor, much better then other herbal brands.

John Billings

A great alternative to snuff. I have been tobacco free for over 4 months now thanks to Storymen's!

Steven Baloche

"I can't believe it! I am free! After 17 years of chewing Cope. If I can do it, anyone can!

Lee Davis
The Breaks