About Storymen’s

Ideal Solutions for Smokeless Tobacco Users

Storymen’s mint snuff offers an excellent alternative to smokeless tobacco products. While it provides similar relief in terms of neurochemistry to traditional chew, the makers of this product know that that’s not all you may be seeking. They have developed a smokeless chewing product that mimics texture, strength, and other qualities often lacking in other substitute products. While you might not be fully conscious of these seemingly insignificant details, they can often make or break your choice to switch to a non-tobacco alternative.

Because Storymen’s is comprised of flavorful herbal material, it contains none of the harmful carcinogenic substances tobacco products have been shown to possess. It also gives you naturally fresh breath with a hint of mint, while simultaneously easing your nicotine cravings. Beyond the nicotine that is added, Storymen’s guarantees an additive-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free product, proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

We at Storymen’s support your choice to lead a healthier life, but we also know that alternatives have been seriously lacking in the past. That’s why we’ve developed the best herbal chew alternative to aid you in your quest without sacrificing the pleasure of practice. Live life to the fullest with Storymen’s herbal snuff.