Mint Snuff with an Attitude

Have you been looking for a tobacco-free snuff that:

  • does not contain thousands of the carcinogens associated with tobacco
  • is comparable to a normal can in strength, burn and texture
  • makes it easy to switch, you go about your day as normal
  • freshens breath
  • Gluten and sugar free
  • Made in the USA

Storymen's Non-tobacco Chew - All of the flavor. None of the BS.

a great tasting alternative to chewing tobacco that handles withdraw symptoms and keeps you happily going about your day like nothing has changed.

Natural Flavoring and Herbs

Our herbal snuff is made of 100% natural flavorings and extracts over a mint and herb base. We take pride in delivering the best non-tobacco chew avaliable.

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The Best Non-Tobacco Chew

Storymen’s mint snuff is the perfect solution for those who desire to quit smokeless tobacco. This great non-tobacco chew is proudly made in the U.S.A. It’s an herbal mixture that is made with only natural flavorings and extracts that are mixed with an all natural herbal and mint base. This produces a flavor intensity and tingling sensation that comes very close to the real thing. The mint extracts it’s prepared with also freshens the breath. The texture of the mixture is very similar to the kind found in regular snuff. This is because of the high quality, all natural thickening ingredients that are used in the mixture. All these attributes make it a very satisfying chew that can make it easier to be tobacco free without feeling like you’re missing out on anything.

Safety of Using Mint Snuff

Storymen’s incomparable herbal mixture is much safer to use than regular chewing tobacco. It does not contain all those terrible carcinogens that are found in tobacco. The average can of snuff contains thousands of these! Tobacco users tend to think that smokeless is a safer alternative to cigarettes since it’s not inhaled, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, chewing tobacco exposes its users to higher amounts of tobacco-specific carcinogens than smoking cigarettes does. There is no end to the frightening stories you can find on the internet and elsewhere of the horrors of mouth and throat cancer and tooth loss that can be caused by these awful carcinogens. The risk of tooth decay is lessened even further because this non-tobacco chew is sugar free. There is also good news for those who are allergic to gluten; Storymen’s is a gluten free product.